HIIIIII!!!!!!!! Welcome!! My name is Madame Pink and this is Marvelmypinkinc.wordpress.com!

Thank you for visiting! I have been maturing this site for almost 2 years and although I don’t post frequently, I appreciate you stopping by to read. I am an avid writer, book writer and blog posting is still new to me. But, with your help, this will grow into something amazing!

I write fiction, because who has an imagination anymore? We are in an age of iPads and iPhones; conversation is few and far between, and story telling just isn’t popular. I use daily situations, struggles and discovery, to create a story that will make you laugh and give you an awesome character to relate to. I’m branching out and trying my hand at poetry; I’m also going to write some erotica stories. We’re adults and sex is apart of everyday life, but if the raunchy is too much for you, I apologize in advance.

June 19, 2018, I released my first novel Unexplained Behavior. It’s available now on Amazon and Amazon prime. It was a long journey, but I enjoyed every moment of it. For a number of reasons, I self-published and I cannot wait to see the benefits of handling my own business. I invite you to pick up a copy; it is also available as a kindle, and I invite you to discuss it with me. Did you like it? Did you dislike it? Was it too long? Too short? When it comes to my writing, I can handle rejection, or disagreement. We’re not always going to see eye to eye, but we should also be allow to discuss it like adults. Communication is key and I write about it often; the lack of and it’s importance, so communicate with me.

Thank you for visiting my site, read, enjoy and comment.


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