The Young Couple…

There once was a young couple from Bennet. They met at her place of employment. He visited often and watched her politely; until finally, one day, he spoke to her. He asked her name and where she was from. She smiled and answered in a whisper. Gently, he asked for her number, she wrote it on a pink sticky note; and she stuck it to the palm of his hand. Later that evening, he called her; they talked on the phone for hours. This was the beginning of happiness, in a world they were about to discover.

Prior to finding him, she was alone; she was content. She spent many years hurting over old love once lost, rather than bask in the glory of her life. She eventually snapped back and lived everyday like it was the last. He was recently single; ended a relationship that he felt he shouldn’t have started. Although not comparable, both situations were touchy topics of conversation…

The relationship built quickly; they both fell in love hard. Their bodies fed off each other’s energy; making them never wanting to end their dates. The energy they shared was toxic; it became the air they breathed. The energy was ignited by the faintest sensation; leaving them filled with the spark of fireworks. She loved him, he loved her. She carried him in her spirit; praying for him daily. He battled silently with his faith. He wasn’t sure who to thank for her; he just knew he was truly grateful for her presence. Days turned to weeks, and so on, and all the while; the pair was constantly connected. Everyday was an adventure and they set out on a journey. He would come and take her to lunch, send her flowers, her favorite candy and chocolate. She excepted each gesture and embraced each loving moment. Her gifts to him were slow to start; she didn’t want to appear to be anxiously rushing. Over time, her gifts were nurturing; she grocery shopped and cooked his meals, rubbed his back at night; he works hard, she would clean the room that he rented and drop his laundry to the local dry cleaner; and at night, she was his beautiful, sensual, sexual fantasy. He craved her and she was moist for him.

All that glitters is not gold, and soon enough,  all of the imperfections that carefully constructed their personality suddenly seeped from the seam. He was picky, particular and edgy. She was stretched out with strong emotions and opinions. She was a loaded pistol and although he was strong as carbon, there was something about her that made him weak, soft. They often joked that he’s the cowardly lion; both are Leo’s and share similar, fierce points of view. She was carefree; leaving everything to poor planning, incomplete sentences and mas hysteria. She lived for inconvenient timeframes and speeding through town. Although active, he was more reserved, quiet, slow to react, likely to be watching the movements in his surrounding areas. He was humbled by his topsy-turvy past and the tragic childhood he endured; it made him appreciate all she naturally took for granted. She was raised to never want or need; EVERYTHING was handed to her but she learned how to be humble from life and being thrown into situations; having to figure a way out on her own. He was her gift from the heavens.

Their love was infinite; bound by God’s super glue. Exes wanted him back; her back and they deflected the nonsense with a smile and a snicker; secretly, she loved the looks she received when he would kiss her lips in public. She would smile; a sinister smile and be moist below.

One day, he needed some space; not the “I want to break up” space, but the space required for a healthy relationship. She was pissed, confused and couldn’t understand why her subconscious wouldn’t allow her to accept what he was practically begging for.

“I need to sleep alone for a couple of nights!” He was adamant about this for the strength of their union. He promised it wasn’t forever, and kept her close by. In fury, she vented about a fear of being alone; she loved him so deeply and tenderly, she feared letting it go. She was given no better option; the pain she held was killing her soul. He wept alone at night pacing; debating whether his decision was right or wrong. He missed her kisses, gentle caress and scent. He needed to strengthen himself; gather his thoughts and follow his plan, love was temporarily in his way. Time moved on, he accomplished some goals and was ready for love, but her healing led her in a different direction. Their timing was off for quite a few years, until one random day she decided to call. He answered with delight and joy in his voice; excitedly invited her for a cup of coffee. It was like love at first sight, all over again, the conversation flowed through them like a river.

He found peace and tranquility; learned how to channel it and can divide himself in more ways without feeling stress. She started a business, built her client base and also had less stress. He found God and was developing a relationship with him; full of joy, prayer and faith. She found comfort in solitude, making it significantly easier to give/receive space.

After a decade, they married, in a church under the watchful eye of God, family and friends. Their vows were sweet; promising fair give and take, stability and a lifetime of happiness. The young couple from Bennet grew to be the old couple from Bennet

True love truly exists…are you patient enough to wait for it?

The Craving…

The word “crave”; according to Webster’s, is descripted to have a very strong desire for (something); to ask for earnestly; demand, to want greatly; to yearn for….

And this is why single doesn’t work for “Jenn.” She’s full of sensuality, passion, love, energy, good vibes and there’s no way in hell she wants to spend her life alone. She was in a great relationship, with a great guy who’s sensuality and sexual energy picked her up instantly. They were good friends, lovers and partners in life. But, one day, Mr. Perfect realized that Jenn and her needs were too much for him to handle.

“We can be friends,” he said, “but no intimacy.” Jenn rolled her eyes on the other side of the phone and mouthed “yea, I’m good!” She was beyond uninterested in gaining yet another male friend with strong restrictions. So in a fit to revamp herself,  Jenn was going to join a dating site. That was an epic fail once she noticed monthly service charges. Now she’s getting angry because her body is only craving the hands, arms and sensation from the one that walked away. “This is bullshit! Having to wait for a guy, when I had the perfect, guy; who was just scared!” She ranted at night while the tears fell from her face. Not the tears from losing him, but from her body aching with cravings for strong arms, a back rub, foot massage, kisses, licking, even returning the art of fellatio; she’s not greedy.

So what does she do? She suffers. She suffers until she’s able to cope with the loss of passion. She remembers the good moments with the ex mister and she doesn’t allow it to bring her down, but sooner than later, she’ll be on the hunt for the next puzzle piece…otherwise, her only options is to wait for ex mister to grow up and accept that he’s got the plug!!


Getting over it…

Think about how heartbroken you were when you lost someone that made you happy…were you able to pick up the pieces as if they weren’t sharp?

Think about how long it took you to get up, dust yourself off and get back to feeling like you don’t have weights on your chest…did it happen instantly?

Think about what it’s like having a significant other who is your world; do you tell them? Or do you portray less than what is?

Think about all the words you didn’t say; the feelings you didn’t express, and the little time you spent thinking about the future…

Think about how much harder it will be to stop living all together, and then live for yourself…

Think about what you have to offer and what you can give to the deserving…

Think about your self worth; who cares what they want/need…did you get what you want/need? “Stop thinking,” they said, but they don’t understand that thinking keeps you functioning….

Imagine This…

Imagine having a clear thought in your mind; you verbalize it with sincerity, and dignity because the conversation’s outcome is more important to you than the conversation. Imagine, your palms are sweaty, you’re nervous; but you must gain the courage to speak. Finally, you take a deep breath and belt out your fears, your concerns, your worry, and you’re expecting the listener to have a open mind, not pass any judgement, and make you feel ‘how dare you’ about what ails.

Imagine conversing in your mind; you’re playing the roll of both chatters; then when it comes time to talk in real life, you stutter, your heart races, but you must complete what you set out to do.

Imagine being so happy with your significant other; feeling their soul match yours. Imagine coming home to this person everyday, with the wishes of having a life together becoming reality, to realize it was false…

Imagine telling the truth, when it happens, rather than build a lie; to realize the only way to escape the lie is to cause heartbreak. Imagine being like this for an eternity and never knowing it, never owning it. Imagine how much happier you would live, with others surrounding you in happiness, if you didn’t always try to protect other people; sometimes protection can be negative and not neccesary.

Imagine this was your chance to be different and you blew it. Do you do it again? Probably, because history repeats itself. Imagine foreseeing the future; how many more times did you do it?

Imagine living freely and not having to worry about how your actions, inactions, words and body language affect others. Imagine that…do you change it?

Ex Games

“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone!”

We’ve all said it a few times; sometimes we rethink our brash conversation and move on. And sometimes, we mean it and we stand by our adamant feelings against the person. But when the initial upset is happening and it’s being caused by the other person in the relationship; them becoming an ex becomes a comfortable reality.

If one person is willing to work on a flaw that significantly annoys the other member of the relationship, dost thou not deserve credit for the effort? Instead, one would opt to walk away. “I don’t want you to change for me.” Well, if it’s a small sized change that will give positivity to the relationship, wouldn’t you welcome it? Perhaps if a grudge for something wasn’t being held, a more clear picture could be seen. Instead, the human reaction is to get mad and walk away….

When you become an ex, can you admit the wrong doing that landed you as an ex, rather than a current? Smh…finding no blame within oneself, creates solidarity for oneself. Do not be left alone because you refuse to admit fault.


Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

Wash, rinse, repeat; we all do this, whether we’re washing clothes or hair, but do we do it with our lives? I’m not gonna lie, I probably don’t as often as I should. I hold onto material things; sometimes people, and although I may be fully satisfied, the temporary satisfaction is enough for me to be petty and deal with it. Usually, I reach my final breaking point and depending on what it is and how it affected me, my reaction is bad. Despite being happy, outgoing and feeling genuinely complete, I have to “wash, rinse and repeat.”

Wash, rinse, repeat is quintessential to development; no matter what you’re attempting to develop. I have a tendency to slip into a realm of “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” and WRR, helps me through every time. I have to first recognize that I’m in a state of negativity. Once I’ve done that, I can assess how to break free from it. I evaluate where I’m sitting when the negativity hits me; I get up, shake myself off and go for a walk. I always count my blessings, regardless to how long ago they were given to me, and then I’m able to say, “it’s been worse, it could be worse, you’re working hard, just don’t become stagnant.”

At the end of the day, everyone has a moment when things seem to be failing more than excelling; it’s all about how well you handle the fail. I don’t always come out on top, but I definitely do not stay stagnant.


Happy reading the blog…


I like to write short stories, I also enjoy writing my book. I want the reader of this blog, to find the short story that speaks to them, embrace it and ask questions, if need be. I want the people that find me to know that it’s ok to read fiction. It’s ok to get lost in a story that was derived from a creative mind. I want people to relate to the characters; although they’re fiction stories, they are realistic and someone always learns a lesson.

I want to expand my blog and make it a ‘go to’ for creative writers and fiction readers when they need assistance with their own story. Do you want to bounce ideas off me? I’m game! I love that! I love being apart of a story. ‘I saw this, I wanted this, and I conquered this,’ and this independent writer helped me do it.

Sometimes I worry; will I ever run out of things to write about? I hope not! However, when I get “writer’s block,” I write about my personal life. I change names! Back to writer’s block, I believe that writer’s block is my brain resetting. It usually takes a couple of days, a week at the most, for my ideas to explode in my mind like fireworks!

Anyway, I’m going to post some short stories, some pieces of short stories, and hopefully everyone will read!